About us

We specialize in metal carpentry and packaging production since 2011. New Port is a relatively young company backed by extensive entrepreneurial know-how.

Our strengths lie in our specialized expertise and collaboration with a network of partner companies in controlled supply chains. These partners share our values and, over thirty years, have grown and diversified across various sectors in both Italian and European territories.

Our areas of specialization

Over the years, New Port has demonstrated remarkable flexibility in evolving and adapting its production characteristics to meet the demands of the international market.

Today, in addition to the traditional production of crates and cages, foldable modular crates, and exceptional packaging, New Port boasts a strong expertise in both heavy and light metal carpentry. We also excel in precision mechanical machining on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the industrial carpentry sector, collaborating with IMG, a leading European company in plant filtration component manufacturing.

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