Wooden Packaging

Top-notch safety for shipments

This type of protection provides maximum security for packaged products during shipping. Additional benefits derived from using wood as a packaging material include resistance to impacts and loads, along with undeniable ease in loading transport vehicles.

We use top-quality materials and ensure maximum availability for any packaging and logistics needs, offering both customized and standard solutions.

Wooden Crates

High protection for fragile goods

Wooden crates for packaging ensure high-level protection for fragile and valuable goods, ensuring maximum ease of transportation and storage. Depending on the customer’s needs, we create custom wooden crates for packaging, crafted with high-quality wood and assembled in full compliance with international regulations. Standard-sized crates are also available.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive service for the delivery of crates for maritime transport, specifically designed for container shipping.

Wooden Cages

Protection and compliance with international regulations

Similar to crates, our wooden packaging cages are crafted from high-quality materials, sturdy, and in compliance with international regulations. Due to their structure, cages provide protection for the contents but are suitable for non-fragile and/or delicate products, which will still be safeguarded by internal packaging.

We manufacture cages based on customer requests, available in both standard and customized dimensions, suitable for both maritime and land transportation.

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